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Man Killed After Falling Into a Cistern

A Warrenton, Virginia, man died after falling over a wall surrounding a cistern at the town’s visitor center. The wall, measuring 16 inches tall, was the subject of four final inspections that failed. Despite repeated warnings about safety issues the missing guardrail presented, town officials opened the unapproved site. The man, who was exiting a...

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Man Killed While Crossing Intersection

The Washington Post reports that a man was killed while walking across 34th St. and Cleveland Ave. NW. The man was in the process of crossing the dangerous intersection around 7:15 p.m. when he stopped. A car, traveling northwest on Cleveland Ave., hit the man shortly afterwards. The intersection sits adjacent to the eastern boundaries...

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High School Student in Potomac Hit By Car

A student who attends Winston Churchill High School in Potomac was walking to school October 29, 2009, when an oncoming vehicle struck the child. The student was hurt and transported to a local hospital. Investigators at the scene of the accident state that the student’s injuries are not life-threatening. The driver who hit the student...

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