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Preventing a Slip and Fall Accident

Posted on December 23, 2010 to

A woman and her son were shopping at Wal-Mart when she suddenly slipped and fell. While walking towards the restroom, she slipped on a wet floor in the automotive cleaning products aisle. When her son and another customer heard the woman fall, medical help was immediately called. She later was admitted to a hospital where she could have a massive blood clot surgically removed. However, she never regained conscious after the surgery.

How Slips and Falls Occur

Slips and fall incidents can happen almost anywhere you travel by foot. A qualified Virginia brain injury lawyer can assist victims who suffer severe injuries or death because of such accidents. Slips and falls can happen while walking indoors due to the flooring selection or poor floor maintenance. They can also occur because of or poor footing or items left in staircases. A helpful Washington, D.C. brain injury attorney can also assist victims who fall in public places. Other places slips and falls occur are:

  • Walkways
  • Ramps
  • Parking Lots
  • Speed bumps and curbs

Dangerous Condition Slips and Falls Can Occur

In states that endure heavy snow, slips and falls can be more apparent. Torn carpeting, sudden changes in flooring and poor lighting are just a few conditions slip and falls happen. An experienced Virginia brain injury lawyer will also advise being cautious whenever there is liquid spilled on floors. Other dangerous conditions include broken or cracked sidewalks, outward swinging doors and patches of ice.

Tips to Prevent Slips and Falls

There are ways that you can prevent slips and falls from occurring. A helpful Washington, D.C. brain injury attorney can also provide more tips to prevent slips and falls. It will help other people from falling if you notice trouble spots while shopping or walking. It is best to contact an employee or associate who can remove the dangerous condition. A Virginia brain injury lawyer will also advise you to wear proper shoes when traveling by foot in public places. Other tips include:

  • Dry your feet before traversing on smooth surfaces
  • Leave for your destination earlier than usual during questionable weather conditions
  • Take smaller steps
  • Concentrate on what is in front of you

Slips and falls that occur in public places is the result of negligence. An experienced Washington, D.C. brain injury attorney can help you establish your case against a business or individual.