10 Most Dangerous Intersections in DC

Washington DC is home to a plethora of transportation options, yet most people prefer to travel by automobile. With so many commuters on the road at any given time, accidents are bound to happen. Factor in some notable dangerous intersections littered throughout Washington DC, and you’re looking at prime conditions for collisions.  Read More

A Law Firm Dedicated to Helping the Injured, One Client at a Time

At Koonz, McKenney, Johnson & DePaolis L.L.P., we have represented people in all facets of personal injury litigation for over a quarter century. Our Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia injury lawyers protect the rights of workers, and speak out for those hurt by defective products, exposure to dangerous substances—such as asbestos—or hazardous work places. We work...

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D.C. Residents Upset Over Construction After Partial Building Collapse

“Pop-up” houses are a hot new fad in home construction. An alternative to traditional methods, these pre-fabricated homes are assembled with non-toxic, recyclable, eco–friendly materials, and as a result, have very low energy consumption per square foot. Many developers in D.C. are jumping on the “pop-up” bandwagon, using the trendy term to describe homes and...

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