Keep Scaffold and Ladder Accidents From Occurring

By Peter DePaolis

Two construction workers died from falling from a ladder at the construction site in separate events. Both victims were employed as contractors and were working to refurbish a bridge. The first victim fell about 150 feet from a ladder while the other victim fell onto a scaffold. Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

When accidents involving ladders and scaffolds happen, serious injury or death can occur. A qualified Washington, D.C. scaffold accident attorney can assist victims of work-related accidents. Bricklayers, electricians, painters, miners and electricians generally use scaffolds that place them in high-risk situations. However, construction workers are traditionally twice as likely to suffering falls from ladders and scaffolds. A knowledgeable Washington, D.C. ladder accident lawyer can help you understand other factors in ladder and scaffold accidents including:

  • Unstable bracing
  • Use of poor quality construction materials
  • Lack of attention to safety procedures

Ladders and Scaffold Accidents

Recent studies indicate that the majority of ladder and scaffold accidents can be found in three different ways. Employees tend to fall because of the planking giving way, by slipping or by having a falling object hit them on scaffolds. An advisable Washington, D.C. scaffold accident attorney can also explain how accidents happen when the scaffold is set up incorrectly. This can cause the scaffold to collapse and cause more injuries to other workers.
Some victims fall from ladders because of unstable ground contact, poorly conditioned ladders, by overreaching and defective ladders. An experienced Washington, D.C. ladder accident lawyer is able to fight cases for victims who unknowingly use defective workplace ladders. Ladders made out of inexpensive materials that sometimes fail to support an individual. In other cases, ladders not manufactured correctly can suddenly give away.

Preventing Ladder and Scaffold Accidents

It is the workplace responsibility to supply and maintain good quality ladders and ensure proper set-up of scaffolds. A Washington, D.C. scaffold accident attorney will also offer advice to what OSHA regulates to workplaces. One way to prevent workplace accidents with ladders and scaffolds is by making sure to inspect the equipment prior to usage. Below are other ways ladder and scaffold accidents can be prevented.

  • Make sure to alert management about defects and ensure that it is tagged as withdrawn from service
  • Never overreach or climb higher than what the warning label indicate
  • Clean up any spills that accumulate on scaffolds
  • Have someone double-check the construction of the scaffold prior to usage

It is important that ladder and scaffold training is available for all employees who use them. Falling from a ladder or scaffold can lead to serious injury or death. An experienced Washington, D.C. ladder accident lawyer can help victims who suffer from a workplace accident.

About the Author
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