Bernie Sanders and Other Lawmakers Seek Federal Oversight of Workers Comp

Ten ranking Democratic federal lawmakers are urging the Labor Department to respond to state workers' compensation laws changes that have reduced benefits and protections for injured workers in recent years. In a letter to the Labor Secretary, the lawmakers, among them Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, cited a recent investigation by NPR and ProPublica. The investigation revealed that 33...

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Can Street Re-Design Reduce Pedestrian and Bike Accidents in DC?

Washington, D.C. Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Calls for Increased Safety Measures

Smart Growth America is an advocacy group that works to measure metropolitan growth and develops strategies for safer and more productive neighborhoods. The group recently released a report, as part of their National Complete Streets Coalition, that contained some promising information. According to their findings,...

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Could Exterior Airbags Help Prevent Fatal Car Accidents?

New Innovation Could Reduce Washington, D.C. Pedestrian Accidents

Better airbag protection and seatbelts in the last few decades has improved the safety of people inside of cars and trucks, but that does nothing for people outside the vehicles in an accident. For those who find themselves involved in an auto accident while walking or bicycling,...

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Safety Tips for Cycling in Winter (If You Must)

Washington, D.C. Injury Lawyers Promote Safety Measures to Decrease Bicycle Accidents

In February, a woman died in Virginia after being hit by a VDOT snowplow. She was cycling to work on the side of road around 5:40 a.m. According to investigators, the woman and the snowplow were going in the same direction on Route 1...

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