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What to Do When an Explosion Happens at Work

Posted on December 23, 2010 to

Two construction workers suffered burns after an explosion happened at the worksite. The two men, privately contracted as subcontractors, were handling a substitute for explosives when the blast occurred. A witness indicated that the explosion reminding him of a blowback. One of the victims was struck in his face while the other was struck in the neck and eyes. Both workers remained conscious when an ambulance approached the scene

How Explosions Happen

Workplaces are havens for fire and explosions. Construction sites, nuclear energy facilities and factories are common places where explosions happen because of a mass load of flammable substances. A knowledgeable Virginia burn accident lawyer will be able to advise clients about how working with flammable substances can present hazardous conditions.

However, an explosion can happen anywhere. For instance, an office building can suffer an explosion because someone lights a match close to a gas leak. A fire or explosion can start with air, fuel and a source of fire. This fire can come from:

  • A lit cigarette or cigar butt
  • Burning leaves and pine straw floating through the wind
  • Set purposely by an individual
  • Spark emanating from machinery such as a torch
  • Chemical or hot substance spill

Controlling or distinguishing these flames can be strenuous and grueling. A helpful Washington, D.C. burn lawyer can advise what types of flammable substances can be found at workplaces. A few includes heating fuel, welding gases, and petrol.

What to Do When an Explosion Occurs

There are actions you can take if an explosion occurs while working. The first thing is to seek cover if debris is falling around you. Once the debris stops falling as rapidly, exit the building as quickly as possible. However, refrain from using escalators and elevators. Once you are outside, move quickly and stand as far away from the building as possible. A stray piece of the building may collapse on top of you if you are too close. A qualified Virginia burn accident lawyer will also advise you to keep nearby streets and sidewalks clear due to clear the path for emergency officials to move.

If you are trapped inside the building after the explosion, the first thing to do is remain calm. Cover your nose and mouth with any fabric you can find. Dust will be very dense, especially immediately after the explosion. Find something heavy enough to tap on the walls or other structure. This will help rescuers locate where you are. An experienced Washington, D.C. burn lawyer will also advise you to shout only if it is a last resort to keep dust from entering through your mouth.