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Explosion Accidents and Injuries

What Is a Third Party Claim? Our Attorneys Explain This Aspect of The Law

Workers compensation law varies from state to state, meaning that the way the law applies to your situation in Maryland may not be the case in Virginia. There are also different aspects of workers compensation law that the average...
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Maryland Train Fire and Explosion Under Investigation

According to authorities, a chemical-carrying freight train collided with a garbage truck, derailed and exploded at a rail crossing outside Baltimore. In the third serious derailment in the US this month, over a dozen rail cars went off the...
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Worker Killed, Others Injured in Natural Gas Explosion

In April, a worker died from injuries suffered in an accident at a natural gas operation in West Virginia. The Tyler County Sheriff’s Office reported that 56-year-old Bruce Phipps of Marietta died from injuries he sustained during a natural...
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Hearing on Gas Explosion Begins in DC

Earlier this month in Washington, D.C., the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) held a three-day hearing exploring the September 9 natural gas explosion in San Bruno, California. The blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. The hearing reflects...
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Refilled Propane Tank Explodes, Nearly Killing Maryland Man

More and more people take to grilling and cooking outside during the warm weather and holidays of the summer months. Many use propane tanks, which are normally extremely safe to use. A Department of Energy study found that the...
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Area Officials Warn of Fire Dangers and Accidents Associated with Fourth of July Fireworks

Every year on the Fourth of July, as Americans celebrate the anniversary of their independence, thousands of them are hurt in fireworks-related accidents. In 2008, hospitals treated approximately 7,000 people in emergency rooms for such accidents. More than half...
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Man Charged in Fireworks Death

A 19-year-old Centreville man is charged with involuntary manslaughter after his friend fell off a moving pickup truck he was driving and died. The man was lighting fireworks off the truck’s bed, while it was moving, and the force...
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