Want To Appeal Your Case?


federal building Appeals: Effective appellate advocacy requires specialized skills and experience. An appeal differs significantly from a trial or administrative hearing. The evidence has been presented, the trial judge, jury or agency has ruled...

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How Do I Appeal a Case? Our Attorneys Explain Your Options

If you are looking to appeal your court case, you may be wondering what lawyer you should choose to guide you through the appeals process. When you have an experienced appellate attorney, you can be sure all options will be explored, all briefs will be thoroughly researched and written, and all appellate hearings will...

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Maryland Appeals Court Overturns $5 Million Asbestos Verdict

A Maryland court recently overturned a previous $5 million verdict, stating that the Georgia-Pacific Corporation was not responsible for illnesses suffered by household members of workers who were exposed to asbestos at the company’s plants over 50 years ago. The court stated that Georgia-Pacific was not obligated to warn family members of employees working for...

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Virginia Supreme Court Decision Reversing $17.5 Million Asbestos Verdict Still Stands

On June 10, the US Supreme Court declined to accept the appeal of a case dealing with the duty of ship owners to intervene in protecting the safety of shipyard workers. The court’s decision means that a previous decision by the Virginia Supreme Court that vacated a $17.5 million verdict against ExxonMobil Corp. will...

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