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Documenting an Assault Early Is Key

Posted on December 23, 2010 to

An exchange student was assaulted at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront while walking by herself. She said that a man first came up to her from behind and demanded money while he put her under gunpoint. He robbed her and then proceeded to sexually assault her by taking her to a wooded area.

Her detailed account of the assault and the features of the man who assaulted her are helping police find the man. He, however, has still not been found.

Unfortunately, this exchange student is not the only one to have this experience. Every day, men and women are assaulted. The only hope of justice for them is to make sure they have detailed accounts of the events that occur and detailed descriptions of the individuals who commit the assault. If you have been involved in an assault, contact a Washington, D.C. or Virginia attorney today. If the assault occurs at work, contact a Virginia or Washington, D.C. worker’s compensation attorney in order to make sure that your rights are upheld.

Most Assault Victims Know Their Attackers

Most victims know the individual that assaults them. Usually, it is a family friend, a romantic interest or an acquaintance. After an assault incident, all these individuals become persons of interest to law enforcement.

Preservation of Evidence is Key in an Assault

Properly securing a crime scene is the first main objective in an assault case. The crime scene may contain fingerprints of the assailant and other evidence that would tie a specific individual to the crime at hand. The victim should not try to preserve evidence on his own. He should contact law enforcement and an attorney to make sure that evidence is not only preserved but also used to find the guilty party.

Assault in Unlikely Places

Individuals do not have to be outside the comfort of their living space to be assaulted. Assault in nursing homes is very prevalent and those who are most helpless become victims. If you or someone you know has been a victim of an assault in a nursing home, contact a Virginia nursing home abuse lawyer to make sure that you are compensated and to make sure that the individuals committing the assault are no longer able to do so.

In addition, if you are assaulted and injured at the workplace a Washington, D.C. or Virginia worker’s compensation lawyer will be able to see if you are able to receive compensation for the pain caused to you.