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How to Handle Your Spinal Cord Injury

Posted on December 23, 2010 to

While enjoying fun times in the water, a man broke his neck. After the accident, he remained paralyzed from the neck down. However, due to new developments for spinal cord injuries, the victim has a good chance of regaining movement. The victim was outfitted with a specialized wheelchair that is powered by the victim’s tongue.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Approximately 12,000 Americans become victims of spinal cord injuries each year. A qualified Washington dc spinal cord injury attorney will fight for the rights of victims who suffer severe injuries from negligence or recklessness. These devastating injuries affect more than 80% of all males due to risky activities. Forty-two percent of spinal cord injuries are caused by vehicle accidents, while slips and falls cause 26 percent of these injuries. A helpful Virginia spinal cord injury lawyer can help victims of auto accidents and falls receive the compensation they deserve. Symptoms of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Difficulty moving
  • Skin injury
  • Bacterial infection
  • Difficulty talking or breathing
  • Balance control issues
  • Abnormal perspiration or muscle spasms
  • Difficulty with circulation and respiration

What Happens During Hospital Visits

Spinal cord injury victims will undergo many tests to determine the severity of their injuries. A Washington, D.C. spinal cord attorney will be able to gather these results as evidence in court. These tests can consist of magnetic resonance imaging and an MRI. These tests are used to also determine which body parts will suffer long-term loss of movement or sensation. The MRI is regarded as the best testing device used to examine the spine. Magnetic resonance imaging is used to evaluate changes in the spinal cord, disc and ligament.

Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Treatment for spinal cord injuries are separated by two stages – acute and rehabilitation. A knowledgeable Virginia spinal cord injury lawyer can help you understand how a spinal cord injury will affect the rest of your life. The acute stage starts during the time of the injury and remains until the person is stabilized. It is very important that the victim receives immediate medical care during this stage as the first few days are filled with spinal shock. The rehabilitation stage begins after the victim is stabilized and is ready to start the recovery procedures. This stage is designed to assist the victim in living in everyday life.

Spinal cord injuries are generally the result of accidents. An experienced Washington, D.C. spinal cord injury attorney can help you compile medical reports to establish your case against the other parties involved in the accident. An experienced Virginia spinal cord injury lawyer will be a major advocate for victims of spinal cord injuries.