Washington DC Restrictions on Drivers under 18 Shown to Improve Road Safety

By Peter DePaolis

A recent study found that injuries from car crashes cost over $99 billion every year. When you factor in higher insurance premiums, traffic delays and other costs associated with car accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes that the costs associated with accidents top $230 billion annually. A Washington, D.C. personal injury attorney can help you receive compensation for your pain and suffering as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

Traffic deaths are the ninth leading cause of death worldwide, but, by 2030, experts expect traffic deaths to be the fifth leading cause, ranking higher than diabetes, HIV, and hypertensive heart disease. States have been targeting a number of traffic issues in their attempts to reduce the impact of vehicle accidents. Laws that require helmets for motorcyclists, mandate seatbelt wearing, and punish convicted drunk drivers all help to improve traffic safety.

Another important area that studies have shown to improve safety is regulating the driving of teenagers, and Washington has some of the strictest teen driving laws. In fact, a study from the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety ranked DC as having the most teen driver restrictions in place. DC’s teen driving laws restrict such things as who can accompany a teen driver, hours during which the teen can drive and the driving time he or she must have in order to lift restrictions. Experts believe that, by extending the driving age, it gives young drivers’ brains more time to develop, and their judgment also improves as a result.

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