How Does a Company’s Culture Cause Injuries at Construction Sites?

In 2014, workplace fatalities increased, including among construction workers. As a result, some safety advocates want more rules on construction sites and tougher enforcement of them. Others point out that more stringent OSHA rules and stricter enforcement haven’t worked miracles and suggest other solutions, such as more education to change workers’ mindsets. Experts say getting workers...

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Is it Safe to Jog in DC’s Bike Lanes?

Cyclists in Washington D.C. already have to weave their way around vehicles whose drivers think bike lanes are convenient places to park. Now, they are having to contend with joggers on these designated bike lanes who don’t want to run around pedestrians on sidewalks. Is this fair? This question was posed on Reddit’s D.C. subreddit...

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Why Defective Tires Are Dangerous

Prior to the introduction of tire pressure monitoring systems, flat tires and blowouts caused an estimated 414 deaths, 10,275 non-fatal injuries, and 78,392 transportation accidents each year in the United States, according to a 2003 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In an effort to reduce the number of tire-related Read More

Products Liability in the Automotive Industry

As consumers, we expect the products we buy to undergo rigorous testing, to be constructed with quality materials, and to be designed with the utmost safety in mind. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. All too often, products enter the marketplace with design and manufacturing defects that pose serious risks to consumers. Read More