How Does a Company’s Culture Cause Injuries at Construction Sites?

In 2014, workplace fatalities increased, including among construction workers.

As a result, some safety advocates want more rules on construction sites and tougher enforcement of them. Others point out that more stringent OSHA rules and stricter enforcement haven’t worked miracles and suggest other solutions, such as more education to change workers’ mindsets.

Experts say getting workers to buy into safety systems is part of the solution to curbing construction accidents. Another part is establishing a culture of safety in which each worker feels some responsibility for his or her co-workers. When such a safety culture is in place, workers are more likely to speak up if someone is breaking the rules. Construction companies with a culture of safety instill in their leaders the principle that workers are all in it together when it comes to safety.

What is ‘Lean Construction’?

Advocates of lean construction – a culture that emphasizes consuming the fewest resources – say the process can contribute to safer workplaces. By cutting down on wasted time on a project, lean construction programs reduce the number of times an employee puts himself in harm’s way, thus reducing the potential for accidents.

Also, a well-coordinated, lean program should decrease “do-overs” on a site. This is particularly beneficial because employees won’t have to perform less practiced tasks, such as pulling apart a wall. Less frequently ordered tasks are usually not as well-organized and therefore more likely to cause injury.

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