Can I Sue the Government for My Injuries?

If you have suffered injuries at the hands of a government entity or government employee, the process of pursing a recovery varies significantly from the process of a case involving a private entity. The biggest difference is that your time to pursue claim, the statute of limitations, is a lot shorter when the defendant is the government. It varies depending on the jurisdiction, but the statute of limitations can be as little as one month in some cases.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, the government could be liable even when you do not realize it. The car accident you were in with another vehicle could be attributed to a poorly maintained road or a poorly placed stop sign. In addition, you might have a claim against the city, state or county depending on the facts of your case. In either case, your personal injury lawyer will be able to make that determination for you.

It is more important than ever to pay attention to deadlines when pursing a claim against the government – making a mistake could mean missing a filing deadline. As discussed in our blog yesterday, if the government’s claims adjuster denies your claim, then you can proceed with a lawsuit. Some agencies will not even begin to negotiate with you until you file a formal lawsuit.

It is always best to have an attorney when pursuing a formal lawsuit against the government. Do you have a claim for injuries against the government?

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