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Neighborhood Groups Keeping an Eye on Traffic Concerns

Posted on February 4, 2011 to

In Montgomery County, the Department of Transportation is looking to community organizations to keep it informed of pedestrian and traffic problems. The county’s decreasing budget for traffic problems led to the creation of the various neighborhood organizations tasked with voicing pedestrian safety concerns to the appropriate city agencies.

Created in 2008, the neighborhood initiative identifies and addresses high accident areas, bicycle safety and sidewalk concerns. One of the goals is to make safety issues a proactive issue instead of a historically reactive one. The neighborhood residents are in the best position to identify potentially dangerous areas before an incident occurs.

The overall goal is to decrease pedestrian accidents throughout the county. In the past, safety concerns have gone unaddressed due to poor communication between the county and state agencies. Concerned residents did not know whom to contact about potentially dangerous areas. The neighborhood committees can now directly voice safety issues to the appropriate departments.

The neighborhood groups regularly meet with the county’s Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee to review a list of pedestrian issues in the communities.

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