Group Fights to Restore Millions for Spinal Cord Injury Research

By Peter DePaolis

According to The Wall Street Journal, officials have restored nearly $7 million in annual funding for spinal cord injury research after an influential lobby of paraplegics put pressure on lawmakers.

The group, New Yorkers to Cure Paralysis, have tried unsuccessfully since 2010 to restore about $8.5 million in annual state funding for the research, which they argued is required to be spent by state law. Roughly $2 million was restored last year, and the governor’s original budget earmarked a total of $4.9 million.

The paraplegics’ group spent the last several weeks lobbying state lawmakers personally. In its final budget, state officials ultimately gave the program $7.9 million, which includes $900,000 that went unspent last year.

Medical researchers hailed the funding as a way to establish New York as a national leader in neurological research. The paraplegics’ group included several rehabilitation facilities, medical centers and foundations across the state.

“This funding also creates an opportunity to make important contributions to patient care and reduce healthcare costs for multiple afflictions,” including stroke and Parkinson’s disease, stated Mark Noble, professor of genetics, neurobiology and neurology at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

If You Have Suffered From a Spinal Cord Injury Caused by the Negligence of Another

We commend this group for pushing lawmakers to make spinal cord injury research a priority, because it could improve so many lives.

As injury lawyer William Lightfoot explains in the video above, if you have injured your spinal cord in a car accident, an act of violence or any other event that was someone else’s fault, you should contact an injury lawyer to help you. The spinal cord treatments following such a horrible accident can be expensive and you may also be suffering from lost wages and a painful recovery.

If you would like to bring an action against the person responsible for your injures, contact an injury attorney to assist you in recovering compensation during this painful time.

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