Could More Have Been Done to Protect Three DC Construction Workers Injured in a Hotel Wall Collapse?

Late last month, there were three DC construction workers injured in a hotel wall collapse, according to The Washington Post. The incident, which involved the collapse of a brick and concrete wall, reportedly took place at the Savoy Suites Hotel and left two of the three injured construction workers in critical condition. The section...

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How Does a Company’s Culture Cause Injuries at Construction Sites?

In 2014, workplace fatalities increased, including among construction workers. As a result, some safety advocates want more rules on construction sites and tougher enforcement of them. Others point out that more stringent OSHA rules and stricter enforcement haven’t worked miracles and suggest other solutions, such as more education to change workers’ mindsets. Experts say getting workers...

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How Can Construction Accidents Be Prevented?

About 5,000 construction workers are killed on the job in the U.S. annually, or about 12 people every day. The construction industry has seen little reform in recent years and fixing the problem appears to be a complex situation. Construction accidents have become increasingly common. Poor safety training could be the catalyst to the higher...

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People Rescued from Collapsed Parking Garage

  The Watergate hotel will forever be remembered for the events that brought down an American president, but the luxury hotel has continued on since the 1972 burglary. The years have weathered the 10-acre complex, but the owners want to keep the landmark in glamorous high-end condition. The caretakers of the hotel have embarked upon...

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How Often Are Construction Workers Hurt On Job Sites?

Every month, more and more construction workers are injured and killed when site managers fail to provide safety instructions and guidelines. Workers should never have their safety compromised for the sake of the boss’ bottom line. A Virginia construction worker was electrocuted last month on a jobsite and died on the way to the hospital. Read More