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Virginia Family’s Condo Covered in Asbestos

A Virginia family cannot access their condominium due to asbestos dust and they are blaming their landlord. Tests uncovered asbestos dust from some work done on the property while the family was out, and the family has hired an attorney. Asbestos exposure can cause serious health problems, including mesothelioma.

The problem began when the landlord hired a plumber to fix a leak in the unit. The plumber cut holes in the ceiling and walls, thereby spreading the asbestos dust throughout the condominium. Once disturbed, asbestos releases deadly fibers that when inhaled, can lead to mesothelioma. It can take decades for mesothelioma symptoms to develop, and once detected, it is often too late for treatment.

The tests revealed that asbestos is present in the plaster ceiling material in the hallway. The condominium association has notified the residents and is working with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are treatment options, but a mesothelioma diagnosis is often fatal. Early detection is the best defense against mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

If you or your family suffers from symptoms related to asbestos exposure, a Virginia mesothelioma attorney can help you get compensation for your injuries and medical expenses. Contact Julie Heiden, a Virginia mesothelioma lawyer at Koonz, McKenney, Johnson, DePaolis & Lightfoot.