5 Common Defenses to Personal Injury Claims

You suffered a serious injury, and now you are exercising your right to collect compensation. You have hired an attorney, and you have the evidence proving that the other party was negligent. Yet, the other party is not negotiating. Instead, they are using a defense strategy to lower your settlement or possibly have the...

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Will Your Fitbit Help or Hinder Your Injury Case?

Accident and Injury Attorneys Discussing Fitbit's Influence on an Injury Case

Serving the Areas of Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Fitness trackers have become increasingly popular over the past few years. One of the largest manufacturers of those personal fitness trackers is Fitbit. However, Samsung, iFit, and Apple all have their fitness tracker versions, as well. These...

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Common Injuries Seen on Escalators and Elevators

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Victims of Elevator and Escalator Injuries throughout Washington, D.C.

In metropolitan areas, it is common to see escalators and elevators. Unfortunately, there are a variety of malfunctions that can lead to devastating injuries. The buildings that use these transportation options and the companies that manufactured or maintained them could be liable...

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Most Common Injuries Seen During Summer Break

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Injured Children and Adults in Washington DC

Summer vacation is about getting outdoors, enjoying the great weather, and having freedom from classes. Whether you are a parent with young children out for the summer or you are a college student ready to enjoy your break from classes, be aware of...

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Sidewalk Grate Collapses and Seriously Injures Office Worker in Arlington

[ubermenu-map address="Arlington, VA" zoom="14" width="375px" height="375px"] According to WJLA.com, on October 9, an office worker fell 15 feet through a sidewalk grate and was seriously injured in Arlington. The victim was walking on a sidewalk grate at 950 N. Glebe Road in Arlington when it unexpectedly gave way. He fell into a garage ventilation shaft and...

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