Why Law Firms with Celebrity Spokespersons Are Not Ideal

By Peter DePaolis

Why You May Want to Look Past Celebrity Endorsements When Selecting an Injury Law Firm in Washington D.C.

Many companies and brands use celebrity endorsements to promote their services. While this is an acceptable practice allowed through the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a celebrity endorsement is not necessarily a sign of quality service – especially for law firms.

Personal injury law has grown into a Hollywood-backed legal service. Celebrities endorse or speak in advertisements for a law firm to put a famous face with the law firm’s name. These ads are persuasive, and marketers are more than aware of the power that a celebrity endorsement holds.

However, a celebrity endorsement is not a sign of a quality personal injury law firm. So, before you assume that a company approved by a celebrity is best for you, consider the following:

The Celebrity is Contracted to Endorse

In these cases, the stars are fulfilling a service. They are not previous clients of the law firm that they recommend. While there are rare instances where the celebrity is a customer, most of the time these are contracted advertisements. The law firm pays the star to do a commercial or endorse the firm. Once the contract is up, the firm will no longer have that celebrity endorsement.

Not All Firms Are Right for Everyone

Finding a personal injury attorney for your case is a complicated process. You want to conduct interviews, examine the law firm’s track record, review contingency fees, and more. Most importantly, you want to ensure that you are comfortable with the attorney working on your case. You should feel comfortable speaking with him or her, and feel as though the attorney is dedicated to your case.

Firms with celebrity endorsements typically have high volume case counts. Therefore, you must ask that firm how much time they have to devote to your case specifically. More importantly, you should ask if a partner will work on your case, or if the majority of your conversations will be handled through a paralegal or associate.

Read the Relationship Disclosures

The FTC requires that celebrities disclose their relationship with the advertising firms that hire them and their relationship with the enterprises which they are endorsing. However, this endorsement disclaimer often involves a quick reel of text or a small printed message at the bottom.

Regardless of where or how they appear, look out for the disclosures so that you can fully understand the relationship that the celebrity has with the law firm – including whether he or she was an actual client or not.

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About the Author
Peter DePaolis joined the firm in 1980 and has since represented a large number of individuals involved in automobile collisions, truck accidents, bus crashes, defective products, and medical malpractice cases. A significant portion of Mr. DePaolis’ practice is devoted to working on behalf of people suffering from asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other asbestos-related cancers. He has led his firm’s fight against the asbestos industry and has recovered over $30 million in damages for asbestos victims and their families.