Research Shows That Exercise Programs Could Help Prevent Falls for Older Adults

By Peter DePaolis

According to a ScienceDaily report, a new paper revealed that exercises that help elderly adults avoid falls may also help prevent injuries caused by falls. The paper is based on a review by researchers from France of 17 clinical trials, which included 2,195 participants in the exercise group and 2,110 participants in the control group.

The average age of trial participants was 76 years old, and 77 percent of participants were women. The exercises performed by the participants included Tai Chi and strength/resistance training. In addition, participants performed gait, balance and functional training, which are exercises that involve training for daily activities.

The data from the trials showed that the exercises significantly decreased the rate of falls in older adults, especially falls resulting in medical care, serious injuries and fractures.

The most effective exercises for fall prevention were balance training exercises, according to researchers, whose findings showed “ample evidence that this type of program improves balance ability.”

However, not only did the trials show that these exercises helped prevent falls, but that they also helped prevent injuries from falls by “improving protective responses during a fall.”

What Do I Do if My Elderly Loved One Was Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident?

Unfortunately, older adults suffering falls, broken bones and head injuries in nursing homes due to neglect and abuse is not uncommon. When you place your elderly loved one in a nursing home, you do so because you expect it to improve their quality of life, not lessen it. However, whether due to insufficient staffing, dangerous conditions or improper medication, all too often, those who we trust with the care of our older family members are the very ones who make us regret it.

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