New Data About On-the-Job Injuries Released

By Peter DePaolis

Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Injury Attorneys Analyze the Numbers

The United States Department of Labor recently released new data that gives an insight into the working conditions of the American workforce. In particular, the data focused on patterns of on-the-job deaths across all the nation’s industries.

A Glimpse at American Working Conditions

The report, called the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), is a yearly summary of analysis and information gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It notes that work injuries caused some 4,383 deaths in 2012, and that this rate was an increase from the previous year.

Certain industries were highlighted as being especially dangerous for employees, including construction, agriculture, mining, refining, petroleum extraction, and transportation. In particular, the rate of transportation accidents significantly increased, particularly when the transportation was connected with a similarly-hazardous industry like mining or gas and oil.

In addition to a rise in the rate of transportation accidents, these industries also saw an uptick in workplace injuries caused by exposure to harmful substances, explosions and falls. The rate of injuries due to violence and animal attacks fell slightly.

The data seems to suggest that older age groups suffered the most on-the-job deaths, with workers over the age of 35 accounting for a staggering 75 percent of all workplace fatalities.

Though the report was partially based on information provided by workers’ compensation offices, it made no mention of how many families sought death benefits or monetary support in the wake of losing a wage-earning family member.

Safety Resources Reminders

The DOL’s report also included a reminder about the many different safety education resources that are available to companies and employees. In order to increase workplace safety, the Department offers:

  • Onsite safety training
  • Instructional DVD loans
  • Confidential hotlines for reporting safety violations
  • Numerous publications that illustrate safe workplace practices
  • OSHA consultations

Many of these services are offered for free or an extremely low cost. The DOL also reminds employers that accident prevention services are often available from the company that handles their workers’ compensation insurance.

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