DC Woman Dies in Collision with Bicyclist

By Peter DePaolis

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An elderly Washington, D.C. woman succumbed to her injuries last week after a bicyclist hit her on a San Francisco street. According to mercurynews.com, the 68-year-old woman died from the head injury she suffered in the collision.

The woman was crossing the street near San Francisco’s waterfront district when the 25-year-old bicyclist struck her. According to the report, the woman had the right of way on a green light as she crossed the street. Rescue workers transported her to San Francisco General Hospital where she eventually died from the head injury.

The bicyclist stayed at the accident scene and spoke to the police. The district attorney has not decided whether to file charges in the fatal accident. An investigation is ongoing.

San Francisco has long been home to vibrant bicycle culture. San Francisco’s Bay Citizen newspaper recently reported that half of the bicycle accidents in the past two years in the city were the bicyclists’ fault. Recent statistics also show that the number of bicycle accidents in San Francisco is increasing faster than the number of bicyclists.

Although bicycle collisions with cars are more common, bikes do collide with pedestrians. Often, the bicyclist is speeding through an intersection, as in the above collision. Call today to learn more.

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