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Consumer Safety Experts Recommend Cordless Window Coverings after Maryland Baby Dies in Accident

With window cords injuring or killing many babies and toddlers over the years, experts at the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) have called on parents to switch to cordless window coverings. In 2009, companies recalled nearly 5.5 million window shades and blinds that posed dangers to children after three deaths and seven near strangulations. If a dangerous product has injured you or a family member, a Maryland personal injury lawyer is available to help you fight to keep the product from injuring others.

A tragic accident occurred in Maryland when a 17-month-old boy died after a vertical blind in his parent’s apartment entangled the boy. Police reported that a family member had just laid the boy down for a nap when he climbed out of his crib and started to play with the cord. The CPSC has found that about one child a month since 1981 has died in a window cord accident.

Companies such as IKEA, Pottery Barn Kids and Williams-Sonoma have all recalled large amounts of window blinds due to the dangers the products posed to children. Consumers should first check to see whether any window blinds or coverings they are using have been the subject of a recall or of numerous safety complaints. The CPSC recommends replacing any blinds that use looped pull cords, exposed inner cords or exposed lifting loops if children are in the home or ever visit.

If an unsafe product has hurt you or a family member, contact Justin M. Beall, a Maryland personal injury attorney, at Koonz, McKenney, Johnson, DePaolis, & Lightfoot LLP.