Are C-Section Procedures Increasing?

By Peter DePaolis

Have you suffered injuries due to a botched cesarean section procedure? We bring this subject up because it has been reported that these c-section procedures are being performed far more often than what is medically recommended in the U.S.

According to ABC News, statistics show that in the U.S., 32.7 percent of births are of the c-section variety—this is far more than what the World Health Organization says should be being performed. The WHO reports that the procedures should not be performed unless they are medically necessary, and that they should only occur in about 10 or 15 percent of births.

“Due to their increased cost, high rates of unnecessary [c-sections] can pull resources away from other services in overloaded and weak health systems,” WHO said in a news release, according to ABC News.

So, why are the numbers so high? Some experts indicated that some women may have fears over vaginal birth complications, including incontinence. Other experts indicated that some doctors fear lawsuits if there are complications during a vaginal birth, which can include asphyxia, cerebral palsy and other injuries.

Surgical Errors Can Occur During C-Section Procedures

Although experts indicate that c-sections have become safer over the years, it does not mean that surgical errors do not occur during procedures. Keep in mind, it is estimated that each year 195,000 Americans are killed due to medical errors at hospitals each year, while countless others are injured.

While the procedure is a may be a good option for women who may experience complications during a standard delivery, errors made during a c-section can lead to the death of both the mother and child, or serious injuries like punctured organs or severed nerves. Mistakes can also be made during the anesthesia process, which can also harm both the mother and the child.

Remember, surgical errors are a form of medical malpractice. Victims can seek damages if they work with an attorney, who can investigate if a doctor breached his or her duty to perform a procedure properly.

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