Workplace Accidents: How Can an Attorney Help Me with Compensation?

Unfortunately, each year thousands of people are injured and/or killed in workplace accidents.

These accidents can occur because of issues like violence, fires and explosions, transportation mishaps and slip and falls. Sadly, in 2013, 4,405 workers were killed on the job, according to the United States Department of Labor.

Regrettably, on October 25, a transportation worker in Washington D.C. was seriously injured when she was struck by a snowplow during a presentation to test district readiness for the winter season.

The woman, a District Department of Transportation employee, was reportedly struck during an exercise, suffering serious injuries to both legs. The accident remains under investigation.

The woman’s identity has not been made public.

Who Should I Talk to About a Workplace Injury?

Remember, if you are injured at work, you can speak to an attorney about both workers’ compensation and personal injury law. Injuries associated with workplace accidents often result in expensive therapy and rehabilitation, which can be troubling if you do not receive proper legal counsel.

Our attorneys often contact witnesses, and hire specialists and investigators to determine the best way to proceed with your claim. You will want skilled counsel for your claim, as the failure to receive proper guidance could result in you receiving inadequate medical care or less compensation.

In many cases, employees who are injured on the job are eligible for damages beyond what is included in a workers’ compensation claim. Contact us today for more information. Additionally, you can visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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