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Can I Get Workers Comp as a Union Member?

Posted on March 21, 2018 to

As a union member you can receive workers compensation, but each case can present its problems. Some clients may have what are called fringe benefits. Those benefits are not part of what you can receive in a workers compensation case. But, if a negligence case is also brought in you may be entitled to claim those lost fringe benefits. Attorney David Schloss has been representing union members since 1988. Watch as he explains the process of receiving workers comp as a union member.

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Video Transcription

Union members of course are entitled to workers compensation benefits. Since I started working with Koonz McKenney in 1988 I’ve devoted a large portion of my practice to representing members of various labor unions including building and construction trade unions. Those cases present certain unique challenges. For example, a lot of the union members I represent have very significant fringe benefits. In a workers compensation case, generally speaking fringe benefits are not part of what the injured worker can receive when he or she is off of work. So what do we do? Well, we look for related negligence cases. If we can bring a negligence case in addition to the workers compensation case we can claim the lost fringe benefits as part of our damages claim in that case. It’s really important that in the case of a union member we look not only at the lost paychecks, the lost earnings, but also the lost fringe benefits. We have devoted more than 35 years at Koonz McKenney to representing the interests of union members. And we are unique in that respect. We don’t advertise on TV, we get our business the old-fashioned way. We get our business by getting referrals from clients who we’ve represented in the past and who are happy with the job we’ve done for them, so happy that they refer their fellow union members or their friends or family members to us. For more information please go to our website Koonz.com.