Worker Killed, Others Injured in Natural Gas Explosion

In April, a worker died from injuries suffered in an accident at a natural gas operation in West Virginia.

The Tyler County Sheriff’s Office reported that 56-year-old Bruce Phipps of Marietta died from injuries he sustained during a natural gas explosion. Two other workers were also injured in the accident at a Eureka Hunter Pipeline operation near Wick, West Virginia.

Authorities said the explosion occurred in a compressor station; however, Eureka’s parent, Magnum Hunter Resources, said it was a flash fire at a “pig receiving station.” Pigs are devices used to clean out or to inspect pipelines. Magnum stated that initial reports indicated that natural gas liquids ignited in the tanks during operations and fueled the fire.

Workplace Explosions

A workplace explosion can occur from any of the following:

  • Petrochemical and refinery accidents
  • Over-pressurized boilers
  • Electrical fires
  • Industrial plant accidents

If you do not think your employer has proper safety procedures, you should contact a qualified attorney to assist you.

If You Have Been Injured in an Explosion

An explosion can cause severe injuries, including scarring burns, loss of limbs, and even death.  Our law firm is experienced in helping victims of explosions. We understand the pain and frustration associated with such horrible burn injuries.

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Tip of the Week: Regular checks, maintenance schedules, and emergency response plans are procedures employers must create to avoid workplace explosions.

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