Who is Most Prone to Aggressive Driving?

As early as 1995, Maryland was one of the first states to recognize aggressive driving as an epidemic and major cause of fatal car crashes. The state used its Aggressive Driver Campaign to educate the public on how to recognize aggressive driving and how deadly the consequences can be.

Our last blog discussed what to do when an aggressive driver confronts you. According to the AAA, one-half of all drivers subjected to an aggressive driver reported responding with their own aggression. That is truly unfortunate, given how turning away from confrontation is almost a sure way to avoid an accident and injury.

When it comes to aggressive driving:

  • Men are more likely than women to engage in aggressive driving.
  • Drivers aged 18 – 24 are more likely to drive aggressively – they make up 67 percent of aggressive drivers.
  • Drivers with children are more likely to respond aggressively to another aggressive driver than drivers without children are.
  • Drivers with cell phones are more likely to respond aggressively to another driver than drivers without cell phones are.

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