When Would a Doctor Order a C-Section?

By Peter DePaolis

Are you an expecting parent? If you are, you should be aware that there are instances during the birthing process that may result in your doctor ordering a C-section.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, some of the reasons why a doctor may order a C-section include:

  • The failure of labor to progress (when the cervix begins to dilate and stops before the woman is fully dilated, or the baby stops moving down the birth canal)
  • Umbilical cord compression
  • A prolapsed umbilical cord
  • Abruptio placentae (this occurs when the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus before the baby is born)
  • Fetal distress (the baby may experience complications that cause an irregular heart rate)

These are just a few of the reasons why a doctor may order an emergency procedure. If you experience any of these complications and your healthcare provider fails to order a C-section or delays ordering one, resulting in the injury of your child, you should speak to our Maryland birth injury attorneys.

Maryland Family Awarded $55 Million Following Botched C-Section Delivery

We bring this subject up because recently a Maryland family was awarded $55 million following a botched delivery that resulted in a child suffering brain injuries.

According to the Baltimore Sun, about two years ago, the couple attempted a home delivery with a midwife that did not go as planned. The mother of the child had to be rushed to the Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she was forced to wait for more than two hours before a C-section was ordered.

Because of the delay in treatment, the boy now suffers from cerebral palsy. In their lawsuit, the couple contended that his injuries were caused by the healthcare provider’s delay in ordering the operation, as he lost oxygen to his brain.

The family was awarded $55 million recently by a Baltimore Circuit Court jury — one of the largest malpractice judgments in Maryland history, according to the Sun. After state caps on damages are applied, they are expected to receive $29.6 million, with the money being kept in a trust for the child’s needs. The boy now needs 24-hour care, as he is permanently disabled.

Speak to Our Maryland Attorneys Following Birth Injury Event

Our Maryland attorneys want children with birth injuries and their families to gain the compensation they deserve following a botched delivery—we are not afraid to hold doctors and healthcare facilities accountable for their negligence.

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