What Should You Do If You Are Hit by a Drunk Driver?

By Peter DePaolis

Drunk driving accidents claim over 30,000 American lives every year. Even though the public knows the horrific consequences of getting caught drunk behind the wheel, drunk driving is still a modern epidemic.

The simple, irrefutable truth is that every drunk driving accident is entirely avoidable, if only the drunk driver learned how to act responsibly.

blue car dented in by accidentThree people have died in yet another drunk driving accident, this one on Route 13 near Keller. A man driving a van while drunk smashed headlong into another vehicle, killing its driver, another adult passenger and one child.

The van was headed north on Route 13 when its driver drifted into the southbound lanes and struck a southbound car. The 58-year-old driver of the southbound car was killed, along with her passengers, a 55-year-old woman and a 12-year-old girl.

A 13-year-old boy was ejected from the car. He was airlifted to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. Two other children in the car were transported to a different hospital with minor injuries.

The van’s driver was not injured but has been charged with three counts of involuntary manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. The accident remains under investigation, and the 36-year-old van driver was held without bond.

Drunk driving is inexcusable, and if someone injures another in a drunk driving accident, the laws of Virginia will punish him or her harshly. The victims and/or their families will likewise be able to punish the driver by requesting punitive damages in a civil trial.

A Drunk Driver Crashed Into Me, and I Need a Washington, D.C. Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a drunk driver, it is important to take legal action. In addition to setting a strong precedent for future cases, a lawsuit will help you get the financial assistance you need to deal with the injury and follow-up treatment. Call our experienced Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland personal injury attorneys for a free consultation.

Did You Know? Each day, people drive drunk almost 300,000 times, but fewer than 4,000 are arrested.

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