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What Should I Do If My Employer Does Not Provide a Safe Workplace? Our Attorneys Explain

When a work site is problematic, it can quickly lead to construction accidents. Not only is a hazardous workplace dangerous for the public, it is even more hazardous for the crews working on the actual site.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act’s “General Duty” clause, all employers, including construction contractors and sub-contractors, have the duty to create a safe work environment and to eliminate any recognized hazards. If you sustain injuries or are involved in a construction accident while working in unsafe conditions, you should contact an experienced injury attorney for the investigation, evaluation and pursuit of your legal claim for damages against all responsible parties.

Air Conditioning Unit Falls at Construction Site and Crushes Truck Cab

According to ABC 7, a large air conditioning unit fell from a crane on a construction site in Northwest DC on January 18, crushing the cab of a tractor trailer.

Witnesses at the scene reported that before the accident the air conditioner was dangling above a new high rise at the corner of 17th and Rhode Island Avenue NW. Around 10:30 a.m., crews lifted the unit from the back of the trailer when it unexpectedly came crashing down. The driver of the truck had just gotten out of the cab only moments before the accident.

Despite the dramatic scene, no one called 911.

“No emergency vehicles, no sirens, didn’t hear anything,” one witness told ABC 7. “People need to be aware this happened. It’s a huge public safety issue.”

It should be noted that six months ago, crews at the same construction site hit a 20-inch water main, transforming the site into a three-story lake.

The Washington, D.C. Fire Department and Metropolitan Police told ABC 7 that they were never contacted about the incidents at the hazardous construction site. Balfour-Beatty, the company in charge of construction, stated that they are “still trying to get all [the] facts at this point.”

If your employer’s negligence forces you to work in unsafe conditions, call our firm today. Our attorneys are available to explain the intricacies of OSHA and to assist you in pursing your construction accident claim.

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