What Should I Do If I Am Injured Lifting On The Job?

You should let your employer know right away if you are injured on the job. Even if it’s a little injury, ache, or pain it’s important due to the employer being able to claim you didn’t let them know when it happened if you decide to tell them later on. If you do need medical treatment you need to ask for a panel of physicians which your employer is obligated to give you. Find out more information on what steps to take and what you are entitled to if you are injured lifting on the job or any other way in this video with attorney Julie Heiden.

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Video Transcription

If somebody’s lifting a box at work, they have to identify that they had a specific event at a specific time that caused a problem and then they should let their employer know that. Because if they don’t let their employer know that, maybe they think it’s not a big deal, maybe they think it’s just a little ache or pain that’ll go away, but then it becomes a problem later on. The employer can claim, we didn’t tell us that happened and that might affect their entitlement to benefits in the future. If you do need medical treatment in Virginia you need to ask for a panel of physicians and your employer has an obligation to give you a list of three doctors, at least three doctors and then you choose one of those doctors to go be seen for your medical condition. Of course if the injury is urgent and requires emergency care then you should immediately get to the closest emergency room. A lawyer’s job is to come in and protect you. So what a lawyer does is they file the right claim forms, they get the right documentation before the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission so that you can get an award entered and that’s what it’s called, an award, that protects you for your life. For more information please go to our website Koonz.com