What is Being Done to Protect Miners from Fatal Accidents?

By Peter DePaolis

After three miners lost their lives in separate accidents in Virginia, Nevada and North Dakota on August 3, the Mine Safety and Health Administration said that it would begin to step up its enforcement efforts to protect miners.

According to WorkersCompensation.com, the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety Health Joseph A. Main noted that he was concerned over the number of recent deaths during a conference call with industry officials.

“In the past month alone, there have been five fatalities in the metal and nonmetal industry. Not since 2002 have three miners died in a single day in this mining sector. We cannot — we will not — accept this turn of events,” Main said, according to the website.

Among those killed on August 3 was an 18-year-old plant operator who was buried under stone and sand after a silo collapse at a Virginia quarry.

The MHSA continues to investigate the three deaths and said that it would “beef-up” inspections, focusing on “walk and talks” with operators to prevent accidents, according to WorkersCompensation.com. In addition to the walkthroughs, the agency sent out a program policy letter indicating the safety requirements of workplace examinations.

According to WorkersCompensation.com, in 2014, there were 29 deaths at metal and nonmetal mines and there have been 15 this year, as of last week.

Working With an Attorney Following a Fatal Workplace Accident & Better Plans to Protect Miners

It is unfortunate that American miners continue to be killed in accidents, many of which are avoidable. Sadly, each year, thousands of people are injured or killed in workplace accidents.

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In the event of a death, our lawyers can contact witnesses, and hire specialists and investigators to determine the best way to move forward with a legal claim. You may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit or seek certain workers’ compensation death benefits.

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