What Is An Example Of A Workers Compensation Case Involving Appeals?

Attorney Marc Fielder has worked on many workers compensation cases. One of them being a case where a panel of compensation judges made a mistake on the law more than once. This was a case involving a metro rail station manager. The case went to the court of appeals and was persuaded to reverse the decision by attorney Marc Filder. To find out more about the case watch this video.

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Video Transcription

I can give you an example. This is a workers compensation case where the entire panel of compensation review judges in a workers compensation case made a mistake on the law, more than once in a case involving a metro rail station manager whose working conditions aggravated his asthma. And it went up to the court of appeals, the DC Court of Appeals a year or so ago and that’s when I got involved in the case. And the court of appeals was persuaded by my argument to reverse that, in fact under the existing law he was entitled to workers compensation benefits and as a result he did get those benefits. For more information please go to our website Koonz.com