What Is An Example Of A Trip And Fall Case?

By Peter DePaolis

There are many premises liability cases that involve a building owners negligence to certain areas of their property. As an example attorney David Schloss uses the case of a negligence victim. His client was living in a building where rubber tread on the stairs was not secured correctly. She fell down the stairs and injured her back which resulted in needed back surgery. A negligence case was brought against the building owner, witnesses were interviewed, and they were told the stairs had been like that for a long time. Watch as attorney David Schloss goes through the case and the outcome he got for his client and possibly for you if you are involved in a trip and fall accident.

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Video Transcription

A client may live in an apartment building and that staircase may have, there may be a staircase in the building that has rubber treads. And those treads may not be secured properly on those stairs, so that the rubber treads rather than making the stairwell safe, which is what they’re supposed to do it’s supposed to make them non slippery, but rather than doing that it instead causes a tripping hazard. We just resolved a case where our client lived in an apartment building, there was a staircase or stairwell right outside of her apartment door. She was going down the stairs and she tripped on the rubber tread that was not secured to the stair itself, she fell down the stairs, she injured her back, she required back surgery. We brought a negligence case against the building owner, alleging that that building owner knew or should have known of that dangerous condition. We interviewed the witnesses, other people who lived in that building. And those people told us ‘oh yes those stairs had been like that for a very long time’ by getting those witness statements we were able to secure a substantial settlement on behalf of our client who had been injured so severely because of that negligent conduct. For more information please go to our website Koonz.com
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