What do You Like to do When You are Not Working?

When she’s not in the office you can find attorney Julie Heiden doing an array of things. Whether it’s carting the kids around to their various activities, reading, swimming or travelling, Heiden has a full plate outside of her job. On top of that she, along with her coworkers, find time to work with charities. She particularly works with disadvantaged youth, providing services for them like hands on experience that help them to place better in their schooling system.

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Video Transcription

When I’m not working I have three kids who keep me very busy. I do a lot of driving to and from sporting events and dancing events and other such stuff. I love to read, I love to swim and I really love to travel. Our law firm works with a lot of charities and we certainly support a lot of charities. I individually work hand in hand with the school system and I also work with the area of the school system that provides services for youth who are disadvantaged. So for example this year we brought in an individual who probably will never hold a traditional career path, to bring that child in from the school a couple times a week to try to teach that individual some hands-on skills, so that he can be better placed once his schooling system is done. I enjoy my job at Koonz McKenney every day, because of the individuals that we are able to represent. Every day is a new day, helping a new person with a new problem, that’s probably the most exhilarating part of the job, is it never gets old because you’re constantly learning a new area of mechanical engineering or a new area of medical physiology, because you have to learn those things in order to best represent the new individual who’s sitting in front of you. For more information please go to our website Koonz.com