Virginia Exceeding Snow Removal Budget by Over $100 Million to Keep Roads Safe

By Peter DePaolis

After a harsh and unpredictable winter, Virginia will likely exceed its annual snow removal budget by over $100 million, according to reports from Virginia highway officials. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) typically allocates $157 million every year for all the costs associated with removing snow from roads in order to prevent car wrecks and facilitate travel.

VDOT states that it will need to reorganize its general maintenance budget in an effort to adjust for the unanticipated costs of removing the snow this past winter. VDOT officials still say they have enough funds in their $1.8 billion budget to keep the highways maintained. This budget covers expenses for road repair projects. VDOT may need to delay some repaving contracts, postpone equipment purchases and make some other changes to save money, but removing snow from the roads and allowing vehicles to travel safely is an important and necessary public service.

The work that VDOT and other state agencies perform to keep the roadways safe prevents countless transportation accidents each year. Snow can be extremely hazardous to drivers, and when snow accumulates on highways, weather conditions can allow it to turn into black ice. Black ice is often difficult to see, and it can cause unsuspecting drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

Winter is slowly on its way out in Virginia, meaning that freezing weather conditions should no longer affect the roads in the coming months. However, road maintenance is a year-round job and always plays an important role in preventing vehicle wrecks.

Did Dangerous Road Conditions Cause You to Get Hurt in a Car Wreck?

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