Two-Time Goodwill Robber Charged with Armed Robbery and Assault

By Peter DePaolis

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The Goodwill of Greater Washington in DC is designed to offer job placement and training for those who are in need of jobs. Many people donate their clothes, electronics and furniture at The Goodwill of Greater Washington in DC. However, one man decided to take instead of give back.

Twice the same man robbed a Goodwill store in Northeast Washington DC. Posing as a customer in his first robbery, the man demanded $2,000 from the store safe as the store was closing. In his second robbery two weeks later, the man took $1,600 as a store employee was opening the store. However, the police with the help of his girlfriend found him. He was arrested after assaulting his girlfriend by punching her in the face, hitting her with a metal folding chair and biting her. Officials state he had a history of charges including robbery, drug, gun possessions and assault.

Authorities may have prevented these events if the man with such a serious history had been watched more closely. The offender had a serious history of crime, and requiring him to be watched more closely by probation officers via new technology may have found the man after the first robbery or before the first robbery even occurred.

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