Two Maryland School Buses Involved in Accident on Field Trip to Washington DC

Two Maryland school buses collided on their way home from a field trip to Washington, D.C.. The buses were carrying third grade students who had spent the day visiting sites and museums in the nation’s capitol. The buses were driving together when the trailing bus failed to stop in time and rear-ended the other one.

Many parents of the children on the buses were upset with the school district’s handling of the accident. When the parents arrived later in the day to pick up their children, the students had not yet returned. The superintendent told parents that there had been a minor accident and that there were no problems. When the children arrived back at the school an hour later, officials kept the children on the bus for an additional hour and refused to let parents visit them.

The accident injured several students, and the buses reportedly left the scene before police arrived and before the students were able to receive any medical treatment. Maryland law requires drivers to remain on the scene of accidents and to render assistance to people injured in an accident to any who requests it or appears to require it. A Maryland personal injury attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options if you have been involved in a car or bus accident.

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