Truck Underride Crashes

By Peter DePaolis

Some of the most severe truck accidents that occur on the road result from underride crashes. An underride crash is when an automobile slides beneath the truck, generally from the rear or end of the trailer. In this type of accident, injuries are almost always severe and fatal. Our DC personal injury attorneys discuss steps a driver of an automobile can take to stay safe on the road and avoid truck underride crashes.

Automobile Safety Tips

While on the road, there are several precautions that you can take to avoid a truck underride crash. Some of these safety tips include:

You can help avoid a fatality with truck underride crashes by following these safety tips.

Creating Your Space on the Road

Since trucks are usually large and can weigh an enormous amount, it is essential to maintain space between you and the truck. Because of the truck’s weight, it takes a longer time for the truck to stop and maneuver should an incident occur. Therefore, an automobile needs to create as much space as possible from the truck. This will allow you plenty of time to stop and maneuver from a dangerous situation.

Avoid the Truck Blind Spots

Unlink a passenger vehicle; a truck has more prominent blind spots, both front, back, and sides. It would be best to steer clear of the most dangerous blind spots, which are the truck’s passenger side. If you need to pass a truck, always pass on the driver’s side. A rule of thumb to follow is that if you cannot see the truck driver in their side mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you.

There Is No Rush: Remain Calm 

Do not risk your life to get somewhere faster. We all want to get to our destination in a timely fashion. Be sure to leave plenty of time to arrive at your destination and account that trucks may be on the road moving at a slower pace. Do not get impatient; instead, remain calm and use the safety tips to avoid underride crashes.

Changing Lanes and Merging Safely 

Like keeping your space on the road, do the same when changing lanes and merging near a truck. Always keep that safe distance as if you were driving behind the truck or driving on the side of the truck. Be sure to use your signal and look thoroughly before changing or merging.

Don’t Go It Alone

Contact our experienced DC personal injury attorneys if you or someone you know has been in a truck underride crash. We can help inform you of your rights and next steps after an accident.

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