Truck Kills Husband and Severely Injures Wife Waiting By Roadside

By Peter DePaolis

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Unfortunately, accidents between commercial trucks such as 18-wheelers and semi-trucks and normal cars are often severe. Such vehicles can outweigh a typical car by more than 25 times. While it is always important to be vigilant while driving, it is especially important to do so when driving near trucks. Try not to stay in the truck’s blind spots. If you cannot easily see the truck’s mirrors, the odds are that the truck driver probably cannot see you. Ensure extra distance around trucks and never cut them off.

A Washington D.C. man died and his wife injured in a tractor-trailer accident over the weekend in Harford County, part of the metropolitan area in Maryland. The two were in an accident on interstate 95 and were standing alongside the road while waiting for assistance when the large truck struck them around 11:20 pm.

Accidents caused by truck drivers occur for a variety of reasons. Often drivers have been inattentive due to long stretches of driving without rest. They may fail to pay attention to road conditions; including failing to see an accident and people outside of their cars just ahead. Due to their large size and heavy weight, trucks cannot maneuver very easily. They cannot stop as quickly as passenger cars and sudden turns may result in their tipping over.

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