Tour Bus Falls off DC Beltway, Killing Driver and Injuring at Least 12

By Peter DePaolis

A chartered bus that runs tours to Washington, D.C. fell 45 feet off a high occupancy Washington D.C. beltway sky ramp and landed on its side on Interstate 270 below. The bus was carrying several groups of Pennsylvania parents and their children who had just spent the day sightseeing in DC. The accident occurred at 4 p.m in the afternoon, just as the DC area rush hour commute was beginning. If a motor vehicle accident has hurt you or a loved one, a Washington D.C. personal injury lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Initial reports are that the accident killed the driver of the bus and injured more than 12 passengers. Two of the passengers suffered life-threatening injuries. State troopers who initially responded to the scene believe that the bus crashed through a guardrail, hit a concrete barrier on the ramp, and then fell down a hill, rolling once before stopping with its wheels pressed against a barrier on 270.

Tour bus drivers are responsible for the safety of everyone in their vehicles. When they drive negligently or when companies take shortcuts on safety or fail to hire qualified drivers, this endangers passengers. Authorities do not yet know the cause of this accident, but officials from the National Transportation Safety Board have begun their investigation of the accident, which may take up to a year. Investigators will look at the safety records of the bus company and driver, the driver’s work schedule, his health, and the condition of the road.

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