Tips to Avoid a D.C. Pedestrian Accident

By Peter DePaolis

We blog about pedestrian accidents regularly because they are a major problem in Washington D.C. In fact, in 2014, 52 people were killed in pedestrian accidents in the D.C. metro-area, an average of one pedestrian killed each week.

The rate for pedestrian accident fatalities in D.C. was higher than all but two states throughout the country from 2003-10. With this in mind, there are some simple steps you may be able to take to reduce the odds you will be involved in a pedestrian accident. These include:

  • Always using a crosswalk when one is available
  • Following signs including illuminated lights directing traffic
  • Wearing reflective clothing at night and trying to walk in areas with good lighting
  • If a crosswalk is not available, attempting to find a nearby intersection

Remember, there are times when pedestrian accidents are unavoidable. This is especially true when there are negligent or reckless drivers on the road. Sadly, a person can do little when a vehicle is coming at them in a violent fashion.

Man Charged for Violent D.C. Pedestrian Accident

In a recent pedestrian accident, a driver is facing involuntary manslaughter charges after he allegedly killed a man in downtown D.C.

According to NBC News, James Chandler, 33, was allegedly speeding through H Street NW on February 23 when he hit several cars, driving through traffic lights before hitting a wall in front of the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

During the crash into the building, Chandler’s SUV flipped several times, striking 27-year-old Philip Snodgrass, who died from massive blunt force trauma. NBC News reported that Snodgrass worked with the National Federation of Federal Employees. Another pedestrian also suffered minor injuries in the accident.

The incident remains under investigation. Chandler allegedly told investigators that he recently underwent dental surgery, and was taking Motrin, Percocet and an anti-biotic, as well as Tripatol, Lexapro and Aderrall at the time of the crash.

Having an Attorney Investigate a Pedestrian Accident

We hope this accident reminds residents to think twice about speeding through the District. As we noted, parts of D.C. are heavily trafficked by pedestrians and a speeding vehicle can cause a violent accident.

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Did You Know? In 2012, pedestrians accounted for nearly 15 percent of all traffic deaths, according to Smart Growth America.


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