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The Reasons for the NTSB’s Cell Phone Ban Recommendation

Posted on January 27, 2012 to


Some of our blogs last month mentioned the proposed federal ban on cell phones behind the wheel for all drivers in the United States. The mixed reactions ranged from support for the ban to accusations of government regulation gone too far. However, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) did not make the recommendation without a body of research to support its proposal.

The NTSB looked at a 2001 study that showed conversations on cell phones are more of a distraction than the device itself. More data from a 2005 study showed that when young drivers operate cell phones behind the wheel, their reaction times slow to those of an elderly person. One year later, researchers found that drivers who talk on the phone while driving are just as impaired as intoxicated drivers are.

Too many drivers think they can operate a cell phone behind the wheel just fine. One federal survey found that drivers agree that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous when other drivers do it, but not when they do it.

There was a time when mandatory seatbelt use was seen as over-regulation. Safety experts think it is only a matter of time before cell phone use while driving will be a thing of the past.

Have you seen any distracted drivers today?

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