Texas Officials Blame Federal Agency for Starting Wildfire

“That bunch has a real corner on stupid,” is how a Texas county official described the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Texas officials blamed the federal agency earlier this month for a fire that burned 150 acres of Texas land. The incident happened when ATF agents and Texas officials were destroying some explosives in the Texas Panhandle.

According to an ATF official, the explosives were too dangerous to move, so the ATF made the decision to destroy the explosives before moving them to another location. The wind picked-up and the blaze ignited some nearby grass, according to the ATF official. An ATF spokesperson said the agency is informing residents how to make a claim with the government for any fire damage.

Texas is under an existing burn ban due to extensive prairie fires and brush fires. Texas officials criticized the federal government for starting a fire knowing that the state is already suffering from out-of-control fires. The U.S. Drought Monitor classifies Texas as an “exceptional drought.”

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