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Study Shows that DC Drivers Rank Last in Road Knowledge

Posted on June 17, 2011 to

The 2011 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test showed that DC drivers know the least when it comes to a driving IQ. Overall, the test results revealed that 36.9 million drivers do not possess the basic knowledge required to pass a driving test. That is approximately 18 percent of drivers on the road today. The average score for DC drivers was a 71.8 percent. Kansas drivers scored the highest with 82.9 percent.

The test surveyed 5,130 licensed drivers ranging in age from 16 to 65, from all 50 states and DC. It tested driver knowledge with 20 questions taken straight from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) exams. One in three drivers in New York and DC failed the test. In terms of gender, 27.2 percent of women failed the test, while only 13.6 percent of men failed.

A lack of driver education can lead to bad habits on the road. According to the test results, 85 percent did not know the correct response when approaching a yellow traffic signal. Only 25 percent knew about safe following distances behind other vehicles. Following too closely can easily cause an auto accident.

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