Study Sheds Light on Construction Site Fires

A study by the U.S. Fire Administration found that there are approximately 4,800 construction site fires every year in the United States. Each fire causes about $35 million in property loss, according to the study. In addition, arson and open flame cause the majority of the construction site fires – 71 percent to be exact.

The fires cause not only millions in property loss but also cause on average 30 injuries and 10 deaths. Fires at construction sites are less likely to kill or injure civilians, but they tend to cause more damage because there are no smoke alarms or sprinklers at work sites. March and July are peak months for construction site fires.

The study found that incidences of construction site fires increase over the course of the workday. However, if arson is the cause, the fire generally occurs after hours. In general, incidents of arson occur at night. Like all fires, construction site fires are preventable. Do you know someone injured in a fire at a construction site? Our team is here to help. Contact our office today.

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