Six-Car Red Line Metro Train Derails

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The DC Metro experiences accidents and safety problems. The hundreds of thousands of passengers who rely on the Metro each day should be able to do so without fear of injury.

A six-car red line Metro train with 345 passengers on board derailed on Friday, February 12 near the Farragut North station. A Metro spokeswoman said that the wheels of the train’s first car slipped off the track, and three people were injured as a result. The derail caused several hours of delays and blocked traffic until the station was reopened later that day. Passengers on the derailed train were scared, recalling the Metro accidents of June 2009 when nine passengers and two Metro workers were killed.

The Metro administration needs to make changes to better assure the safety of its many passengers. Aging or faulty equipment or tracks needs to be regularly checked and, if necessary, replaced. Employer error or fatigue could have been to blame. The bottom line is that a problem as basic as a train’s wheels slipping off the track should not occur.

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