Sidewalk Grate Collapses and Seriously Injures Office Worker in Arlington

By Peter DePaolis

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According to, on October 9, an office worker fell 15 feet through a sidewalk grate and was seriously injured in Arlington.

The victim was walking on a sidewalk grate at 950 N. Glebe Road in Arlington when it unexpectedly gave way. He fell into a garage ventilation shaft and had to be removed by the Arlington County Fire Department’s technical rescue team. The victim was awake and coherent when he was rescued. He sustained head and rib injuries from the fall and was transported to a local hospital.

“It’s shocking,” stated one witness. “I walk through here all the time.”

A crew spent part of the day trying to determine why the grate, which is believed to be on private property, buckled and gave way.

Our Virginia Injury Attorneys Explain Premises Liability

Property owners are obligated to maintain safe premises. When they fail to inspect their property and patch up or repair defects, they are responsible for subsequent injuries. If hazardous conditions result in personal injury, then property owners can be held liable for their negligence under premises liability law.

Responsibilities of a property owner extend to the sidewalk, driveway, shingles and even trees on their property. Swimming pool accidents and exposure to toxic fumes also fall under the jurisdiction of premises liability law.

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